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Hey there! I’m glad you like to get your stream to the next level by wanting some tips and inspiration. This project has been a dream of mine since i started the blog and now it’s time to get this thing going! May your stream grow like no tomorrow!

You might not know that almost everything regarding to a success in Twitch streaming is actually right under your nose. Settings, Branding, Marketing, Interaction, Dealing with trolls etc. Yes they are publicly available.. If you are like me you could read up hundreds of guides and use hundreds of hours to learn all these. But since i’m a visual learner. The hands on tips help out the most when this moment happens: “Ohh that’s why this person is doing that differently than the other one”.

You only need to figure out what works for you. This may sound really odd and confusing but it actually isn’t. For example: From likes and retweets you can easily see what doesn’t work. If it’s 0 it’s basically useless, if it’s 1 it’s better. You just need to figure out what that other streamer does better. Is he/she funny or what does the streamer have that the others don’t have?

On this page you can see some great streamers that i like to watch some are big and some are smaller streamers. They are really entertaining, down to earth and fun to watch streamers that can give you ideas and inspiration 🙂

I highly suggest you to take out a pen and paper and watch how do they do things. At the bottom of this post, right under the streamers you can see a list of things that you should look out for when you watch a streamer. You can also say “Hi, from Streamers Guides.. You have been paw stamped for being awesome! CoolCat”.



When you know the answers for these questions. Your most likely to succeed on your streaming career! 🙂

How does he/she interact with his audience?
What kind of bot commands does the stream have?
What kind of layout does the stream have? Minimalist or totally overboard?
How is the stream tiles setup done? What links and text is there?

Is there a schedule?
How does the streamer give info for viewers about the schedule?

How does the streamer brand his channel?
What happens in Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram?

Want to learn more? Check these out!



Speaking of good voices.. HybridPanda has one that you can actually listen for hours and hours. I first encountered him from.. Strea...

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