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Apex Legends – 6 Best Places to Advertise Twitch Stream – RIGHT NOW!

Apex Legends is out! I’m pretty sure that you have seen everyone and maybe even their moms playing it right now.

I have seen it popping up quite a lot in different social medias and it is currently the game with the most views with 163k viewers.

I have seen that not that many streamers actually advertise their streams where the gamers are. What is this madness? 😀 Big streamers have already taken the top spots and there is thousands of other streamers that are ahead of you with viewer counts.

How to Stand out – Get Viewers with Apex Legends?

We are going to use the same thing that we used couple years ago in one of the most saturated games ever which was CS:GO. Here is a case study of earlier planned laser targeted marketing.

Where we got 233 Twitch Followers in 7 Days by marketing the stream for actual GAMERS not other STREAMERS. Streamers – stream and Gamers Play and Watch. First i’ll show you how you can prepare like a pro and stand out as an amazing content creator. Not just a link dropper that nobody watches. Let’s provide value! 🙂

Step 1: Play once, take Clips and Screenshots

Before we can really get going with the marketing aspect we need some content. So go ahead and play Apex Legends and ask your moderators to take screenshots and clips that you can use. After you have 2 or more interesting clips you are almost ready to go.

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Step 2: Download the Clips and Screenshots

Every social media platform loves when you upload content in their own platform. If you have been doing just links to Twitch from Facebook groups and such and they do not get any likes or this is one of the reasons.

Other reason is that they don’t get comments. When you get comments, likes and comment on other peoples posts the social media platform thinks you are of high value and your posts should get seen by more people. The people you chat with and tag in comments are most likely going to see your posts when you have actually talked together in the comments.

So make sure to like and provide a useful / funny comment for 10 or more peoples posts before even uploading clips. Just chat about Apex Legends.. What class you like to play? Which class is better in what situations etc.?

After you have done that upload your clip or share a screenshot. Make sure that the description of your uploaded clip / screenshot is interesting.  Watch what others have posted, you get the idea 🙂 But don’t just link drop!

Step 3: Go live like a Pro!

Okay, since you have all the needed requirements already ready you can go live. Important thing to note is that don’t do this whole thing in the span of 10 minutes or you maybe considered a spammer. Sweet spot to start is about 3-4h before you stream everyday.

Yes you can do this everyday this works like magic even in saturated games. But currently there is an awesome sweet spot that other bigger games like Fortnite don’t have. Here are my recommendations for going live notifications that you can use. We already tested what works badly and what works better.

About Going Live – Posts

Works badly:

My stream is live come and check me out: twitch.tv/mychannelname

Works the best:

Hey there! I’m streaming (gamename) and maybe later (gamename). I’m playing (Class) and we are currently aiming for the (Goal). Come and join for the fun at: twitch.tv/mychannelname
Social channels:
link 1,
link 2,
link 3
+ Image or Uploaded clip

6 Advertising places for Apex Legends

We are going to use Facebook Groups for advertising. This is an awesome spot since there is thousands of new people joining daily and being right now in the groups as the top streamer is HUUGE!

Apex Legends – Facebook Community – Number 1
Apex Legends – Facebook Community – Number 2
Apex Legends – Facebook Community – Number 3
Apex Legends – Facebook Community – Number 4
Apex Legends – Facebook Community – Number 5
Apex Legends – Reddit

That’s all for this article today. I hope it helps you out 🙂 This same style you can use basically in every game also. By preparing and advertising in places where the actual viewers are you can grow.

There is a lot of new people coming in every day and they want fresh content. This is your time and place to shine and be the awesome person you are! Help others and get help back 🙂

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Let me know how your promotions went in Twitter. Would be awesome to hear!

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