Gamewisp or the Climb to Twitch partner – Which is better?

Update: 2018 – Gamewisp has shutdown currently. They did amazing work for streamers before the affiliate system was introduced from Twitch. Closest alternative for Gamewisp currently is Patreon that you should check out.

I heard about Gamewisp service couple days ago from reddit and made a post about it earlier Gamewisp – Fan funding for Streamers / Youtubers.

And thought it might be cool to reveal some income stats about the system and how it compares to Twitch Partner + couple handy tricks that could help you when creating tiers.

Tiers – Earn more with less subscribers

You might think that this cannot be true? But it really is.. We can take Mr Amplified as a comparison for this.

Currently with Gamewisp he has: 123 subs for 5$/mo, 66 subs for 10$/mo, 22 subs for 20$/mo, 2 subs for 50$ and 1 sub for 100$/mo.

This totals for: 1915$/month

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Okay so he is earning 1915$/month and has 214 subs with this but how the less thing works?

If he would be a Twitch Partner or would have only one tier for 4,99$ he would need: 383 monthly subscribers to earn the same amount. That’s a 169 people difference which is huuuuuuge!

Another example:

Let’s take a smaller streamer for comparison like Geek Remix who has 111 subs for 3,99$/mo and 32 subs for 12,99$/mo.

This totals for: 858,57$/month.

If she would be a Twitch Partner or would have only one tier for 4,99 she would need: 171 monthly subscribers to earn the same amount. That’s a 28 people difference which is pretty huuge for a smaller streamer! 🙂

Note: Both of these examples do not have Partnership at all but they are still making an income without it.

Tip 1: Create at least 3 tiers

This is the secret cause on wards for the streamer dream reality. You might think that only one or two tiers is the best since there has basically been only one option with the partnership.

So why 3-5 is the best? It enables people to choose for themselves. There is many different kinds of people that are watching your streams from 10 year old kids to 50+ grandma.

If you only do one or two tiers you are limiting these people who would like to support more. It could be some rich IT millionaire from Norway, it could be a cook from UK who likes to listen your stream while working.

Don’t forget that e-peen is a thing and people like to show their name all over the web. This is why you usually see atleast 3 tiers for early access orders and the cool kids have the highest package. So why not offer it for the people?

Tip 2: Tier prices

I didn’t know about the psychology behind the pricing before starting my own business. After you realize this your mind will be blown away and you see all the pricing things a lot different.

There has been many case studies done over the years what makes people buy and this happens all the time in your daily life. If you would like to read more about this hop over to this kissmetrics article.

Short version end everything in .99 or 9:

[column type=”1/2″]
Good prices:
[column type=”1/2″ last=”true”]
Not so good:

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You might wonder why?

It’s a psychological thing that we humans think that the price that ends in 9 is a lot better deal than the even price one. It also sells a lot more better. This is why Twitch Partnership is also 4,99$ and not 5$. Ain’t we odd?

Tip 3: Think outside the box

Hardest thing is to choose the benefits to give for subscribers and you may even think that you need to do something totally major like the big folks are giving away Astro headsets.

Even the little things matter for people.. For example i have seen quite a lot of new people that follow streams and streamers social media to come and ask:

“Why you don’t follow me also on Twitter or Instagram?”

Solution: Make a tier that includes it. In all honesty you can’t possibly follow everyone that follows you as your stream get’s bigger but why not for 20$?

That way you can make the person happy who likes to have a streamer as a follower for him/her. Easy right?

Other cool things you could include:

  • Personal postcard
  • Artwork
  • T-shirt
  • Custom currency
  • Monthly giveaways for subs
  • Force to play any game (My favorite)
  • Exclusive videos
  • Private Subs channel on Discord
  • Monthly Random games (3,99$/ea in kinguin)

The possibilities are endless and every channel is different. Good thing to do before finalizing your own is to have a look what others have done.

Here is couple examples: Pinklatex, Draskia, Feidianjun, Denumyr and Charlieys.

So which is better?

I think Twitch Partner is really awesome when you will get it and shouldn’t pass the opportunity to have it. You get custom emotes for your channel and subscribers get their own little cool icon for the chat. Also the quality is a lot better than without it.

The main difference is that. People who use service like Gamewisp have the ability to focus more for the streaming and providing good content, because they are making a more steadier income.

While they climb to the golden Twitch Partnership. While others purely rely on donations and affiliate marketing.

What do you think? Is the tiered system better than just having one or two? Let me know in the comments below.


  1. I really enjoy the twitch emotes, pending on what they are and who it’s by. I don’t know much about the quality of the stream just by being a sub because different streamers view that issue differently, especially now with the badges. I really do prefer Gamewisp over twitch though, because of the tier system. Having different levels automatically gets a bigger response vs the multiple twitch accounts needed to post resub notifications. Plus some streamers even have apparel, paintings, all sorts of great actual items sent to you because of the support. 4.99 would never do that. As far as from the streamer perspective, I would just push for whatever the most lucrative platform is at the time.

  2. I really enjoy the Twitch emotes also. The emotes are also quite used in Discord witch brings the popularity up even more. There is also some cases where people have been subbing just to get some cool emotes. So Twitch partnership brings an extra “Need” for some folks.

    I totally agree with you on the Gamewisp! There is quite many “older” partnered streamers that offer all the things that many have in tiers for that 4.99. Witch could be more work than it’s worth. I haven’t yet seen that many streamers that offer paintings.. Could you recommend someone so i could check him/her out?

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