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StreamerLinks – Free Mini Website for Streamers – How To Setup Guide

Eyy folks! So everyone is talking about streamlabs creator sites now. But what if you don’t want to go through all that jazz and would like a simple place where you can redirect folks to the right spot? Streamerlinks is going to be the solution for you! If you just came in here to get the template i used to create my streamerlinks site. Here it is 🙂

Why should you use StreamerLinks even if you have a website?

Basically.. StreamerLinks offers a really simple way to redirect people to the spot that they want to go. How many times you have went from Twitter to Twitch then Instagram or YouTube. That is like qrazy amounts of clicks and scrolling! No more i say!

Actually i also have created my own for instagram that you can see here. It’s really simple, it loads really fast and it is really easy to use on mobile. Problem with this is that you kinda need to have your own website and a good builder or tool to create such a thing.

StreamerLinks actually enables this for FREE!

Alternative for Linktree

StreamerLink is actually a good alternative for linktree which is a tool that enables you to create one also. But you can’t really do much with the Free option like edit titles or see stats. With this you can. How many times i did say for FREE already? 😀

How to Setup – StreamerLinks Mini Website for Streamers Free – Guide

How to Setup - StreamerLinks Mini Website for Streamers Free - Guide

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Here is the people who we went through for some examples:


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