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StreamLabs Creator Sites – How to Make Your Own Website

Streamlabs has just launched an awesome new tool that makes creating websites and commerce easier for streamers. Which is Streamlabs Creator Sites! I think it’s really important to note that there is a FREE version and a Premium version of the Streamlabs creator sites that you need to know about.

Luckily Gael Level has been so badass and has created how to guides for both of these! You can also: Get 10$ off Streamlabs Prime with code: gaellevel-92ce-10 if you choose to get the premium version.

Do Streamers Really Need a Website?

First let’s chat about this subject for starters. Why would you need a website in the first place? If you want to grow big a website is basically a really important thing to have. Branding and ease of use for all your viewers to find your content makes it easier for people to follow you in many different social medias and channels that you use. Most of the new streamers and youtubers have the same problem which is that you have channels with different nicknames.

Easier for Google and Brand Hijacking prevention

With a website where you actually link all your social medias Google says “Ooh okay this is the streamer that should be ranked for this specific keyword” if you don’t have an actual website setup that has all of your places linked your brand may also get “hijacked”. This is quite common practice when you start to grow big. There are some things that you can do to prevent this also btw! If you want to know more hit me up on Twitter and i’ll help you out.

Brands and Sponsors Love Unified Brands and Websites

This is huuuuge! Okay so, when Brands and Sponsors are looking for new content creators to work with, they go through all of the streamers channels. Check out follower count, reach and your content in each of these channels then consider if you are right person that they should work with. The easier you make for them to find all of the channels you have created content the most likely they are going to choose you.

Don’t forget to share some extra special things about you! Maybe you have been working on with a huge community of streamers? Maybe you have themed days that the brands and VIEWERS would be interested? Create a page and let everyone know about the content that you create!

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Make Your OWN Website with Streamlabs! (EASY Creator Sites)

Make Your OWN Website with Streamlabs! (EASY Creator Sites)

How to Make – FREE Website with Streamlabs Creator Sites

FREE Website with Streamlabs Creator Sites ✅ (In 2 clicks)

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