Streaming Gear – What Should You Upgrade First?

So you are wondering about your streaming gear and thinking what should you upgrade first? We have been talking about this quite a lot in the streaming communities. And this is something you should really, really think about.

If you spent all that hard earned Twitch money for a brand new monitor or a new Elgato stream desk at the start you might be missing out some potential subscribers and viewers.

Best Streaming Gear – Makes you more money

Today’s video is about getting upgrades that make more money. So basically you are using money to get money. Sounds cool right? For me learning this principle has been a long road.

It took me years to understand that my time is actually valuable and some things should be left out for a professional to handle. You also get new ideas and usually pretty darn effective things going on when you have a larger team of people working with you.

Streaming Gear for Growth

In today’s video Alpha Gaming explains the mindset that you should have really well! When you are upgrading your streaming gear. Think about growth.

What makes your channel grow? What makes people interested in your streams? What makes people to come back and watch your stream and not thousands of other streamers? It most certainly isn’t that brand new monitor some have got 😉

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Streaming Gear - What Should You Upgrade First?

Credits and +1 rep: For Alpha Gaming about the video! Make sure to follow him on YouTube. He creates awesome content with the business mindset for streamers.

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