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3 Best Twitch Streaming Communities – You should be part of

Couple of my friends that have started streaming have been asking where and how-to promote their channel, find streaming buddies and network. I thought why not share this for others also. So here is in my opinion the 3 best twitch streaming communities, you totally should be part of! 🙂

Streaming can be a bit lonesome at times. You might have already created your layouts and pictures for marketing by yourself like many do. You might also already have some questions that can’t actually be answered by looking at the hundreds of tutorials in different websites or Youtube. You want some humanly touch and possibly a streamer friend to collaborate with!

That’s when it’s time to find good streaming communities that can help you out. Many of the streaming communities gathered in this article also offer some kind of advertising solutions where you can post your stream or celebrate some awesome milestones that has happened in your stream. 🙂

Twitch Streamers And Networking (TSAN)

Streaming community 1: Twitch Streamers And Networking (TSAN)

Twitch Streamers And Networking (TSAN) is kinda of a new kid on the streaming community but it’s an awesome community to be in! They are currently the most active group of the Streaming Community in the FB. They have weekly running contests where you can get free visibility also.

If you are looking for other streamer to talk about streaming related things tsan is really awesome place to be in! They also have a Discord channel where you can join and start making friends in the streaming world. They also organize raid where a team of people raids your channel occasionally so you get that sweet boost for viewers.

If you are looking for more techy questions or even some of the latest gaming news or deals on games. There is channels in Discord where you can get information about those also. Awesome right?! If you are not that into the whole discord setup thing. Do not fret!

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The Facebook side is really, really active so you can have great discussions and make friends through that also. Of source you can also advertise your stream with going live posts.

Pro tip: Remember to take a selfie! They work better than any other image.. You can read up on How to Promote your Stream if you want to know more..

biggest twitch streaming community on facebook

Streaming community 2: Twitch.tv Streamers

Twitch.tv Streamers is currently the biggest Twitch Streamer Facebook community that everyone should be part of. You can ask techy questions, post going live links and celebrate together when you did something awesome! This is really good place if you want to really discuss with people with real names.

The mod group is really active and they have done an amazing job for clearing a lot of trolls and haters. Group consists of starting out streamers, veterans and partners. So the discussion and information is really good!

I hope this little article about the 3 best twitch streaming communities and places help you out on the streaming world! If you know some awesome streaming communities that are not in this list. Let me know about them! Let’s get some love for the folks and places that do an awesome job helping out streamers 🙂


Streaming community 3: Twitch Kittens

Twitch Kittens is an oldie goldie streaming community that just keeps on growing and improving. You may have already seen this one of the earlier posts at How to get in touch with game devs and request game copies. The community’s core currently hangs around in Discord and everyone is really friendly.

Basically you can chat around anything involving streaming over here and people like to help out a lot. There is also a spot for Twitch Links where you can let others know what you are playing currently so you can get in touch with other streamers.

They are also really into the aspect of turning your dream job as a possible career since they share sponsorship and marketing opportunities also. If you would like to monetize your stream Twitch Kittens is really good streaming community to be in! They also have special places for selling and trading gear. Resources that can’t be found in the normal interwebs and all kinds of good stuff. Hop in and start making friends by networking! 🙂

Honorable Mentions – Growing Streaming Communities

Here are a couple growing streaming communities that you should keep a keen eye also. These are a tad bit smaller but it actually is a good thing also! Just like with smaller streamers you can connect way better in smaller communities. Here we go: Alpha Gaming and Twitch Connect.


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