Nikitheliger is now StreamersGuides – New stuff!

Well helloo everyone! Some of you might have noticed that the website has changed quite a lot. I thought i could share some insights for what is new and what was the idea of the whole rebranding project 🙂

Why rebranding not just new website?

It has been a blast to gather guides these past 3 years!

Here is some cool stats Nikitheliger brand had:
Users: 359,130
Sessions: 425,475
Pageviews: 520,204.

Back in the days when PokemonGo came and IRL streaming was still as it’s baby stage PokemonGO article brought in 3990 people in daily. That was grazy time! Of source the server crashed after that load 😀 It is actually pretty interesting how many guide creators there has been and the videos have been changed quite a lot while new ones came.

Where are we now:
Daily visitors: 850-1100

But why the brand and name change?

Actually i want to start posting more with others also. Nikitheliger brand had the “Only one person” feeling that i want to grow off. Under streamersguides i can better collaborate with other streamers and tutorial creators that like to do quest posting etc. If you are interested about collaborating and creating / updating content get in touch and let’s work something out!

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I want to make sure that this blog stays the most evergreen streaming guide collection that is has been for couple years. When we have more awesome folks updating the articles and creating new articles the better it will be for new upcoming streamers 🙂

So what is new?

2 way integration with likes, dislikes and reporting

likes-and-dislikes I think the most useful feature of the new website is the ability to like and dislike straight from the video. New player get’s views, likes and dislikes straight up from YouTube and the integration is two ways. You can also use the report function to let me know about video that is outdated. There is quite many! So this is an awesome feature 😀

Lightbox and watch later

If you click on any of the arrows where video shows up you see a much larger lightbox appear that also offers related videos. It looks like you are in the movies. It’s pretty sweet!

You can now also add videos as “Watch later” state that can be seen on this page. If you don’t happen to have time to watch the video at that time.

Articles have been updated and some secret goodies

A huuuge bunch of oldie goldie articles have been updated to offer better tips for your streaming needs. I’ll have a goal for this year to post a new guide or edit an oldie goldie twice a week.

Make sure to follow on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram to get in touch. I’ll also keep posting special guides that are really useful in social media that may or may not ever make it to the blog itself.

Advertisements have been a huge pain in the butt for a long time. In 3 years on NikiTheLiger blog it made income of 75$. That doesn’t even cover the webhosting costs 😀

I was running AdSense on the blog and since everyone uses AdBlocks they weren’t seen by 99% of the people who visited, read and watched the guides. I honestly can’t blame anyone of that AdSense adverts were like really, really bad 😀

Another thing was integrity to keep as a resource collector

Most of the gathered up guides are from other streamers and youtubers. They also have their own affiliate links in the videos where you can click and get equipment’s and support them financially to create even more guides.  I do not feel that it is right to put my own affiliate links in these videos descriptions either like some collectors do. So i thought of a another way that could actually help and be useful for streamers!

Reach out, Get new followers, Visitors or Customers – Some AD examples and use cases

Ads for Streamers

You know that discoverability in Twitch is a huge problem? You stream hours and hours. Post on Social Media and hope that some folks will actually jump into your stream and start chatting. You may even use money to buy Facebook, Instagram or Twitter ads. But do they actually get you more viewers? That’s where i can help you!

As the blog readers are generally new streamers or upcoming streamers they are looking into streaming related things. What is the absolute best way to get started? Talk about streaming with another person of source 🙂 If you want chatters for your stream this could be your thing!

Streaming Related Software and Tools

Streaming related software and tools are of high interest for our readers. Example: StreamLabsStreamElementsNightbotVoicemeeterCanvaDiscord and bots for Discord.

Streaming Related – Groups, Streaming Teams and Communities

Our readers really like and love the networking tutorials. Challenge is that they grow really big, really fast and potentially die out of the pure amount of huge surplus of streamers. If you have a new or established group, team or a streaming community that needs more members we can help you to acquire more members nicely!

Game Developers – Indie and Bigger

Are you looking for newer streamers to cover your new or existing game? Then is simply the BEST place to do so. Since our readers mostly consists of new and upcoming streamers they are always looking for interesting games to play.

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Stream Layouts and Graphics Design Services

Do you do logos, layouts and graphics for streamers? New streamers are most likely your niche then! Since our traffic mostly consist of new streamers you can find new clients through us nicely.

Stream Coaching, Social Media Management and more

There is actually quite a lot of streamers that would like to start straight up with a good coach that they can turn to. We don’t plan to offer that kind of service at ever.

Blog is just pure how-to guides. If you offer coaching services for streamers we are really good place to get your coaching business more clients!

Want to get an AD going? Head over to Advertise section of the page and create your own 🙂

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