How to rank your Stream / Gaming videos in YouTube

Alright! Now is the time for an article about How to rank your Stream / Gaming videos in YouTube that i promised for you folks.

I have seen quite a lot of new streamers and gaming channel creators create really good content but the problem many times seem to be that they don’t get any views. Usually it’s because your creating videos just for fun and Twitch doesn’t work the same way than YouTube does.

Ranking videos in YouTube is exact science

What i mean about science is doing research before actually creating titles, descriptions, tags, thumbnails. The major part how to rank your stream / gaming videos revolve everything other than the actual video in itself since Google / YouTube isn’t that smart yet to actually hear what you say on the videos. So where you put your main keywords actually matters a lot.


There is an awesome video under this post how to get your rankings up in YouTube but let me show you some beginner mistakes that i usually see.

Beginner mistakes for Stream / Gaming videos

Copying titles and descriptions from major YouTuber

First thing: YouTube automatically ranks really famous content creators that deliver consistent content so they will rank higher than you. YouTube / Google also frowns upon copying work from others that is really easy to check if the text is exactly the same than the other creator. Be creative 🙂

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Not using keywords in the title and description

Second thing: Placement of the keyword has an affect. So if you want to rank content for Destiny put that exactly same word in your title and description. The earlier it appears on the title the better.  What i mean with exactly same is that: Destiny and Destineer are two completely different keywords to rank for.

Your stream and social media links in the description

Third thing: You should put all your social media accounts listed as clickable links after the description. Most common mistake with these is to use: www.mychannel.something.

www. is not a link in YouTube. You can get a clickable link in YouTube by changing the start url for: http://mychannel.something. Http:// makes the link clickable that will help your videos rank better and also help your viewers to go for the right places.

Automatic submissions for social media

Fourth thing: It’s best if you don’t use those “I just uploaded a video for youtube” automatic notification systems that you can get if you connect Twitter and Facebook with your YouTube account. They are pretty bad looking usually and YouTube uses Social proof to rank your videos.

Social proof = How many times your video get’s likes, shares, comments etc. So if you want to get the most out of these i would suggest to manually go and post about it in your social media places. You will get more viewers to watch your video and your video will rank better 🙂 Check out the next video to learn more what you can actually do.

How To Start & Grow A Youtube Channel & Get Subscribers Fast Using Youtube SEO 2015

Credits and +1 rep: For BDobbinsFTW sharing his awesome secrets. The video is really well made!

Information about the series: This post is part of the series: How to stream on Twitch and part of the How to become a Youtuber series how to setup the stream and do all the nitty gritty things. I hope these tips help you on the way to success! 🙂

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