Importance of your stream title and tips

Note: This article is coming from TheRedVipre. His tips for streaming title appeared first in the Twitch reddit and these thoughts are really good to get the idea about crafting awesome titles.

Thanks for TheRedVipre for allowing me to post this on here also. He has also made a video witch covers quite a lot of topics about streaming. If you want to check that out click here..

So let’s get started on the journey for awesome title for your twitch streams

I have always made an effort to come up with witty & descriptive titles as a streamer. This is because as a viewer titles say a lot about you. When I am searching for a new streamer, titles such as “Road to X followers” say to me you’re probably more concerned with raising your follower count than a good gameplay or conversation.

The last thing I want as a viewer is to be treated like a number, and I’m amazed by how many casters do this! Now just because you have that in your title doesn’t necessarily mean you treat viewers that way (I even had titles like this starting out) but there are enough people who do and so many other streamers out there that it’s not worth my time going into your channel to find out.

Don’t be lazy with the title

The second biggest title no no is “Untitled Stream.” You might as well change it to “I am lazy & don’t care” which is also not the sort of streamer I want to watch. Do bigger streamers do this to be funny? Yes they do, but they have hundreds/thousands of people watching them even if they put, “Literally a steaming pile of dog ***”, you don’t. Quit being lazy if you really want to be successful.

You have 3 aspects on which to sell your stream to a new viewer (considering they are finding you through the Twitch game directory).

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1) Viewer Count

Obviously unless you viewbot (DONT) you have no control over this (other than choosing which game you play), so I will move on to what you can control.

2) Your stream thumbnail

What does your stream look like at thumbnail size? Do you know? You certainly should! I had a custom overlay made for my mingle scene in OBS that is quite snazzy and ever since I’ve noted a consistent increase in viewers when I switch to it even if I’m just talking and simply fixing something I don’t want to show on stream.

If you don’t have an overlay or don’t want one new viewers definitely see things such as having a greenscreen from the thumbnail, as a viewer I see you have a greenscreen and say to myself, “Hey this guy/gal takes streaming seriously.”

Again not true of everyone, but true more than not. I just say be careful with using overlays/graphics, as an obnoxious overlay (especially over the game) will have the opposite effect.

3) Your stream title

Perhaps you don’t have an overlay, or don’t want one. That leaves you with ONE way to sell yourself to me, the viewer looking at 16+ thumbnails/titles including yours, YOUR TITLE. If I have been longwinded getting to this it is because I wish to stress the importance of a title.

The amount of times I’ve chosen to watch a 1-10 viewer stream over the multitude of other streams with more viewers because of a funny or descriptive title is countless.

A good streamer creates a detailed title such as:
“[720p/60fps/PC] First Playthrough Blind” which tells me a LOT about your stream without even opening it.

An excellent streamer uses the title to let their personality shine such as:
“Livin’ la vida Los Santos” (GTA:V) or “Darkblood Soulborne” (Bloodborne) or “Touching all the Butts… with a Dagger” (Assassin’s Creed) or “Praise the Talos” (Skyrim).

These titles might not be the best in the world but I came up with all 4 in a minute or two. It’s not difficult and frankly you don’t have to change the title if you’re playing the same game several sessions or even come up a title that reflects you and not the game.

Good stream title includes something interesting

In any case as a viewer I’m 100x more likely to join a channel with a witty title like these because they show you have a sense of humor, which is big considering how many streamers’s commentary and/or viewer interaction could be handled just as well by a sack of potatoes.

While the titles I gave as examples may not appeal to you personally they do appeal to the type of viewers I looking for on my stream. Bear in mind who you want to attract when making your own stream titles.

Don’t forget the email notifications

One other point with titles is to remember that those email notifications your existing followers get when you go live include your title! If it’s something as lazy as “Untitled Stream” the likelihood that I’m going to open that tab and visit your stream is far lower than if you mentioned you’re doing a 12/24 hour cast, or that it’s your birthday.

Is it your birthday today? If so.. Happy bday!

People love events – Let them know about it

People love sharing big events with you, make sure you don’t miss out on potential viewers by dismissing such an important tool to sell your personality & brand as a streamer.

Don’t be lazy and hinder what your stream could be

Don’t be lazy & deprive yourself of an important tool for helping you grow your stream, or worse yet use it to make yourself look needy (“Long hard road to 100 followers pls come talk!”) It is a big factor in not only how some people discover you but in ensuring concurrent viewership by drawing existing followers back in.

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Hope that helps, I tried to be as generic as possible so I hope no one takes anything I said personally. Also bear in mind this is all my opinion from having studied marketing in combination with my experience growing my own stream, as well as being a regular viewer myself who spends a lot of time in channels sub 10 viewers & seeking out new casters.

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