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How To Create The Perfect Business Card for Streamers

TwitcCon is closing in and it’s only one month away! The stream genre is already getting wild while streamers are getting ready to go to TwitchCon.

Quite a lot of streamers are also getting ready to promote and network at the event. Are you? If so.. This article might help you!

Since you are most likely going to see hundreds of people in the span of just couple days.

The nicknames of the people you meet will get blurry and you will forget some of them. Do you know what helps on this?

Business Card for Streamers

Comparing streamer business cards for normal business cards is tad-bit different. When you are just a normal business basic things that you need for a business card are logo, company email, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram handle.

It sounds pretty simple right? Is this enough for streamers though? NOPE.. We streamers have actually more that we can add for the business card.

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Here is the list of things that you should have in your Business Card

  • Selfie / Logo (You can be more easily remembered if you use a selfie)
  • Twitch nickname (With a cool Twitch logo of source)
  • Instagram nickname (With a cool Instagram logo of source)
  • Twitter nickname (With a cool Twitter logo of source)
  • E-mail (With a cool logo of source)

Really good things to consider for your Streamer Business Card

Little intro about you, especially useful if you specialize on some game or genre. What makes you pop out? If you do some special things also they are good to add. Maybe you are a crazy reddit user?

Maybe your Discord server is the thing you want more people in? Maybe you got on board with the TikTok party and you create content there too? The most important thing for business cards are that they represent you as a brand.

How to Create The Perfect Business Card

Wild4Games has created an awesome video about how you can create the perfect business card for your needs. He has quite a lot of experience from past TwitchCons also so he has seen a lot of different designs. I highly suggest you to check out this video.

How To Create The Perfect Business Card

Where to buy and get Your Cards

Vistaprint is a solid choice for business cards

Folks at Vistaprint have been doing branding stuff already for years. Be careful though! Their system is designed in a way that you are going to want a mug, t-shirt and a pen while going to the checkout.

The quality of the products ain’t the BEST there is, but Vistaprint is a pretty good place. I have ordered about 20 times business cards there for starting out business owners while i still did Graphic Designs.

Vistaprint business cards for Twitch Streamers

MOO comes recommended

Moo is a new company for me but they seem to be highly suggested by other streamer for business cards. They promise Premium quality from the start so they are a bit more pricey than vistaprint ones. Check them out and have a looksie does the moo suit your needs?

Streamer business cards with moo

Graphics Designers for Streamers Business Card Needs

If you want to save time and get someone to do the streamer business card for you. I highly suggest you to check out fiverr. They have been doing a stellar job with graphics lately that are not that pricey. You can also check out the 5 Best Places for your Emote Needs where you find couple other places that also do graphics for streamers!

Usually the same places can offer you Business Card designs. I have a whole new section coming soon about freelancers that might be interesting to you too. If you know good designers please share them in the comments below. Would really like to hear about good ones! 🙂

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