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TwitchCon San Diego 2019 Panels – Streaming Tips, Marketing, Branding and The Goodies

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What is this gather up all about?

Yet again! It iss TwitchCon time! Time to sit down and watch some good panels and learn new things. Here is a “little gather up” of all the panels that were streamed at TwitchCon San Diego where you can learn about new features, tips and tricks from partner and affiliate streamers that are creating content all the time to Twitch.

This time i created a straight up embed section where you can straight up watch all the panels. I hope you like it! – Friday and Saturday panels are up now. Going to add the rest of the panels when they come available 🙂

Recommended for Growing Streamers:

Streaming Diversity: How to succeed on Twitch
Real Talk: What it Takes to Build a Community
How to Stream More with a Full-time Job and Family
All Things Discovery: Help Viewers Find Your Channel on Twitch
Stand Out From the Crowd: Up Your Production Value Game

If you are interested about the earlier panels. You can find the earlier TwitchCon panels over here by year: TwitchCon 2016TwitchCon 2017TwitchCon 2018 and TwitchCon 2019 EU.

Special shout out and thank you for Taizunz who has created and gathered up all of the panels in a handy spreadsheet with timestamps this year also!

Friday panels – TwitchCon 2019 San Diego

Round 1: Do You Know Jack? TwitchCon Edition

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Change Begins with Me

Developing Multiplayer Entertainment

Twitch Rivals: Fortnite Open

Building a Content-Matched Experience with Twitch Extensions

Round 2: Feuding Families

Real Talk: What it Takes to Build a Community

Scaling and Monetizing Your Twitch Integration

Round 3: The Price is (Sometimes) Right

Streaming Diversity: How to Succeed on Twitch

Tiltify Keynote Presentation

Round 4: Are You Smarter Than a Twitch Viewer?

Life in Hard Mode: Streaming with Disabilities

Day 1 Hosting

Opening Ceremony

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Twitch Rivals: Fortnite Showdown

Saturday panels – TwitchCon 2019 San Diego

Twitch Rivals: League of Legends North America vs Europe Showmatch

Yoga for Gamers: Get Healthier and Happier!


Twitch Rivals: Teamfight Tactics Open

Round 5: PJSugar, Spice and only Sometimes Nice

How to Build Your Own Streaming PC

Streaming for Good: Charity Streams on Twitch

Just Chatting with Asians in Streaming

TwitchCon Hackathon

Behind the Stream: New Tools to Get Started & Manage Your Channel

Round 6: Artisan Pancakes 101

A Word from Our Sponsors: Maintaining Authenticity in Paid Content

Twitch Rivals: League of Legends Rumble on the Rift

Streaming While Raising the Next Gen

Glitch Jam

Who Wants to Be a Twitch-illionaire?

Find Your Quest: New Ways to Build Your Community

Round 7: The Great Ramen Rematch

How to Stream More with a Full-time Job and Family

The Year in Clips

Drag On Twitch: Meet The Stream Queens!

A Word from Our Sponsors: Maintaining Authenticity in Paid Content

Feuding Families Celebrity All-Stars Edition

All Things Discovery: Help Viewers Find Your Channel on Twitch

Stand Out From the Crowd: Up Your Production Value Game

Stream-ready Makeup: Get the Look

Join the Quest!

Twitch Talk: Artemis: NASA’s Next Giant Leap

Twitch Rivals: Teamfight Tactics Finals

Round 8: TwitchCon’s Got Talented Idols with The Voice of an X Factor

Level Up: How to Enhance Performance and Prevent Injury

Creator or Industry: Finding Your Place

Cosplay Contest

Pioneering an Interactive Experience in Borderlands 3 with Gearbox and Twitch

TwitchCon Party

Sunday panels – TwitchCon 2019 San Diego

Twitch Rivals: APEX Legends Open – Group A

Happy Little Trees: The Bob Ross Paint Along

Secrets to Having a Successful Charity Livestream

PUBG Mobile: How to Reach a Massive Audience with Mobile Games Streaming

The Knowledge Fellowship: Streaming Educational Content on Twitch

Your Community IRL: How to Host Community Meetups 101

I Need Healing! Improving Mental and Physical Health for Gamers

The Meow Wolf Art Battle

Fresh Stock

Build, Engage, and Bond With Your Community

Round 9: TwitchCon DecathOlympics!

Pioneering On Twitch: How to Find Your Niche and Grow

Essential Business and Legal Tips for Every Streamer

Spawn on Me: Live from TwitchCon

Over the Rainbow: Reaching Your Goal Brick by Brick

Twitch Talk: Wil Wheaton

Building Your Business as a Streamer on Twitch

Twitch Rivals: APEX Legends Open – Group B

The Gayest Panel At TwitchCon

Is the Digital Apocalypse Upon Us? Don’t Be a Target: Cybersecurity for Streamers

TwitchCon Hackathon Award Show

Twitch Sings: Stream Star

Changing the Game on Climate

Twitch Habla Español

Engaging Your Community with D&D and Magic: The Gathering

How Streamers Should Work with Game Publishers and Developers

Copyrights and Contracts: Legal Tips for Protecting Your Brand

Improv for Content Creators

Round 10: What’s in the Box? Redux

PJSaltan: The Jackbox Trials

Players Creating Stories Together: How the Vision for Sea of Thieves has Delivered

Art Imitating Life: Law Enforcement Officers on Twitch

Streaming for You vs. Streaming for Me

From Player to Creator: How Women Find Success in the Gaming Industry

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