The Million $ Service for LiveStreamAds – That would beat SureStream

If you haven’t yet heard about SureStream that delivers un-blockable ads in Twitch streams i would suggest you to check out this launch article about it. I kinda like the service but still don’t like it. Since i generally hate ads if they jump on to your face immediately or are not relevant for the stream at all.

Since SureStream doesn’t seem to work yet in my area. I went ahead and disabled my ablock completely and headed over to Towelliees livestream where he was playing WorldOfWarcraft. There i was immediately shown an ad to buy Battlefield 1 for Xbox One. Okay, this is cool.. Or not?

The problem behind the ads that you can’t decide

Here is the underlying problem that comes when big companies decide the ads for you. They generally are not that good. There could be better products or services to promote rather than an Battlefield 1 on Xbox one. For example: Blizzard Gears, Ebay related things or even WoW gametime.

Okay in this case the Battlefield 1 for Xbox One ad wasn’t that bad it was a game product at least. But since the stream is playing a PC Game that was WOW and WOW isn’t possible to play on Xbox One at all. Was it really that relevant? Could there have been better products to promote? I think yes.. There could have been.

This is a wide problem among big advertisers

I also have one big advertiser here at the blog witch is Google Adsense and most of the YouTube videos from streamers are monetized witch use Google Adsense. Actually the YouTube videos have quite many times really good suggestions for products. But look at how the Google Adsense goes wrong 50% of the time of two ads that are in here.

Out of two ads only one is actually relevant. Don’t you think?

How i love Gamewisp and how they matter in this case

Gamewisp was the first place that broke out the mold out of the “You can only have a sub button if you are a partnered streamer” and now every streamer can have their own subscribers without partnership. Some are doing really well even with lower viewer counts that wouldn’t get them a partnership just yet.

This is an ad.. Not just any ad, but a cool and useful ad!

NerdOrDie - Best Layouts & Alerts

Get nerdy! NerdOrDie is one of the oldest and coolest overlay and alert creators in the streaming world.

But they can get a little bit of income so that they can get new games, new pc parts etc. Generally focus more time to creating content for their fans that are watching and want to watch the streamer. This is pretty cool right?

Every Streamer should have the option to select the ads

I think that every streamer “Yes partnered and non-partnered streamers” should have the option to choose the ads that are played on their stream. They should be able to do it regardless of the streaming platform.. It could be Twitch, Hitbox, Youtube or even Facebook.

Even choose the time when they are played. For example: There is bathroom breaks, Getting food breaks, Getting water breaks, even sometimes. You need to open door and let the cat or dog in or out. These would be really good spots to use the adverts without breaking the immersion or being just flat out annoying.

But why should there be such options?

Digital Ad Spending – Statistics and Trends

Infographic by- Invesp

Since digital marketing budgets are rising

There is a market to get sponsorships and ad revenue for livestreams going on. The service that makes it possible and easy for everyone isn’t here yet though. But it is possible! You can read and check up on how this could work. You should have a pretty good understanding after you read this article and check out the videos.

I also highly suggest you to check out some of the entrepreneurs that earn by delivering laser tight content and ads that matter for their followers like SmartPassiveIncome and JustGirlAndHerBlog.

All of the adverts could be unblockable even now forever

You might not know about this just yet since nobody isn’t actually doing this. Youtubers kinda do it.. Big streamers kinda do it. But right at this moment there is about 50% of the tools already ready for anyone to provide unblockable ads and get income everywhere.

Basically if you have sponsors already or products to sell you can do it immediately. But there is still missing some tools that would make this a reality and opportunity for everyone to use.

But Niki why do you share this and don’t build it yourself?

I don’t have the knowledge or the resources to build this kinda service. And i think that this will help everyone to get to the next level of marketing that isn’t that much seen in the livestreaming world. For blogs and websites this is normal way of sharing relevant ads where they matter and live streaming world could have their “own service / business” for this.

Most likely it would be best to focus on certain niches like for example: Twitch, Hitbox and YT Gaming so advertisers and streamers can connect at certain place.

I hope that someone who has the knowledge and resources reads this thread and builds this tool asap. Big companies are already aiming to monetize and create services how ads can be shown even with adblocks on. Hopefully someone with huge passion will make this a reality and breaks the bank literally since this kinda service isn’t here yet. I’m pretty sure that this will come at some point.

Before we start! Think of a future where

  • Streamer could play Mario Maker and Mario related products would be shown in click of a couple buttons. Streamer could decide would he be paid by viewers, click or sales that would provide more income.
  • Streamer could cook, paint, draw, program, cosplay or basically do anything that they normally do on stream. And show relevant ads for that stream.
  • Streamer could connect with advertisers in couple clicks.
  • Indie and small game developers could find just the right streamer or streamers that play that genre.
  • Ad:s would be always relevant to the stream. They could be in any size.
  • Streamer would have full control what will be displayed.
  • It could be CPM, CPC and CPA display Ads.

Let’s get started! With LiveStreamAds

So let’s get started! We are going to need a name for this so let’s call it “LiveStreamAds” it’s also available at if you want to get a full blown branding straight up going on. I will tell you some of the tools and the functionality how you could make this possible.

The basics of unblockable ads

Since most of the streamers use OBS or Xsplit to stream we can use the normal functionalities that they offer already. So we are going to use the exact same system that is normally used by StreamLabs, Gamewisp, StreamPro and many other tools/services to provide alerts witch is the CLR Browser plugin.

This is an ad.. Not just any ad, but a cool and useful ad!

Get Own3D - Overlays, panels and more!

If you are looking for complete packs from overlays to alerts to panels. Own3d is the place for you!

Since everything that comes straight up from the computer. Can’t be skipped and can be played exactly when the streamer itself want to. Hence we got unblockable ads!

The basics of stats and ad links

Since we need good stats to be shown for the advertisers you are going to need a bot that tracks viewers, followers, games played, posts links when certain advert is over or is currently playing and tracks how many time those links have been pressed. The link tracking also could be done on website level so it could be left out.

Connection with StreamHatchet or would be pretty good and i’m pretty sure that they would be good business partners for LiveStreamAds. They could provide the data needed that the advertisers would be interested.

Basics of setting up the video aspect

Here is how media sharing setup looks in Twitch Alerts. Basically for LiveStreamAd:s you wouldn’t need all of the functionalities that are shown. So this is just an example how the setup goes from the website for the OBS and CLR Browser.

Your most likely going to have to build some kind of database at your own site where the ads would be played. So advertisers can upload videos there and with a click of a button streamer can show a certain ad or straight up YouTube could work also.

Good thing to note with the videos is that some streams don’t like to use them since the actual song can put muted spots for the VOD:s. But i doubt this will be an issue since many streamers already listen musics and get spots muted. It’s good to know though!

The basics of banner and image ads

There could be this kind of system in use where streamer can choose straight up variations for banner ads. The streamer shouldn’t need to download any images they can just straight up choose what image they want to use “Provided by advertisers”.

LiveStreamAds – The functionality on Streams

I made a little video about the functionalities how this could work in streams with the bot. Sorry about the horrible finglish that comes through. I haven’t done videos for quite awhile and should totally speak more English. But i’m pretty sure that you get the idea behind the whole functionality better this way.

Then we need a website that handles everything

For starters let’s look at the functionality that could be straight up for streamers and OBS things. I would think that the same kind of layout builder could be perfect for streamers that StreamPro does already. Here is a little Overview of how the StreamPro is setup.

Overview of StreamPro - Custom Twitch overlays, alerts, donations, and more!

Then we need the stats, commission and marketing stuffs

This video is slightly longer but it will show how CJ has all the things setup. This should give you a clear idea how the system could work and how streamers could join up for different advertisement campaigns. or Commission Junction: An Introduction to Affiliate Marketing

Then we need the creator with an open mind and passion

Now the idea is out! I actually got the idea about this kinda thing when i first got into the streaming world. I saw TV shows etc. Having sponsored products and adverts at certain places many times. And was wondering how this could be possible to do in the live streaming world that is growing really fast.

After checking out all the tools available it is actually possible to achieve with the right people. Of source this is only the idea and possibly a start of the journey. There is still all the talks and challenges how to attract streamers and advertisers for the actual LiveStreamAd:s service.

I would also like to add that it would be good to add some kind of limit how many ad:s can be shown at certain intervals so someone wouldn’t use this just for spamming purposes. And there should be some kind of a application process to get into this. Like many of these marketing places require always. Just to make the service outstanding and useful 🙂

What do you think? Any suggestions?

If you got some ideas how to improve this idea or you just don’t like it. Share your thoughts! If you are going to make this a reality your totally awesome 😀 Please let me know when it’s ready!

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