How to Get – In touch with Game Devs and Request Game copies

Note: This article is coming from Khaljiit. Her tips for contacting game devs for copies of the game first appeared in Twitch reddit and these tips and tools are really good and priceless information!

Thanks for Khaljiit for allowing me to post this on here also. She also runs a community for streamers and game devs to get in touch with eachother that you could be interested.

Well first off, I help a lot of streamers on discord, and its really surprising how many people are unaware of how many game devs will give them steam keys to play on stream (no matter if you have 100 followers or 10,000)

And its actually a really simple process, just keep in mind a few things before you start asking for games.

1) You should have a email set up just for this purpose, and it should be on display on your twitter/twitch to verify that you are who you say you are in your email.

2) Keep the email and your social media/twitch professional looking

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As for finding who to contact, well thats pretty easy

1) Start by going to the main website of the game or game dev

2) Look for something on the site that says “Press / Media / Contact us” or a “Press Kit”

3) This will usually send you to either a page full of information, in which there will be a “general” or “press/media/pr” email, this is what you want

Note: If they have a Press Kit page, there might be a little form to simply request the game right on there, no email needed just give them your twitch name and a bit of info!

4) Write your email! Nothing complicated but you should include a few basic things: A greeting, your name and twitch name, on what system do you want the game, why you want to stream the game, your twitch and twitter links, and a little thank you for looking at your email!

5) When you stream, post on twitter, tag the game studio, the person who gave you the game, they will show up sometimes and help, plus they like knowing the game actually went toward a stream.

Honestly, thats it. I started doing this when I had ~100 twitch followers and I got a bunch of games to stream, some people said no that I was too small, but after I grew a little I emailed them back asking to reconsider, and they said yes and were happy that I got back in contact!

There are also just some websites to request keys directly which ive had some luck with!

Let me know if you want any help 😀 Sometimes, being part of a community helps or if its a co op game having someone to play with already might make the difference.

And if you need help finding indie games to play, well Easy list of games:

Im really happy everyone is finding use with this! 🙂 So I actually run a community of twitch streamers and game devs, so if you want to join that to get in contact with more devs feel free to:

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