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How To Setup – Streamlabs Chatbot Guide

Are you looking for a good Chatbot that does it all? Fret not! Say helloo to Streamlabs Chatbot. If you have been around for sometime you might remember an oldie goldie chatbot named Ankhbot that many of the bigger streamers used since it was so versatile and good.

Well Streamlabs folks took over the Chatbot and Ankhbot is nowhere to be seen anymore and they released a new and overhauled and even better version of it which is Streamlabs Chatbot.

The Frugal Streamer and castorr91 has been really digging into the features and how to setup the Streamlabs Chatbot and he has been making tutorials how you can get the bot running asap and even do those fancy things. Here is a little intro what kind of tutorials you can see: install & connect to twitch, introduction for timers, ranks, songlist, commands, subscribers, currency system and many more!

What can StreamLabs Chatbot do for you?

Streamlabs Chatbot is all-in-one kind of a chatbot with a huge list of features.: Commands, Timers, Quotes, Counter, Raffle/giveaway, SFX, Loyalty system, Mini Games, Events, Songrequests, Queue, Notifications, Modeartion, Hotkey / Macros, OBS Remote, HTML Overlays, Python Scripting, Localization, Style.

Streamlabs Chatbot even has Integrations for Discord and it can do auto hosting. AND it’s compelety FREE 😮 Remember also you can get a full setup of streaming tools with StreamLabs OBS.

Connecting Chatbot to Your Accounts

Streamlabs Chatbot: Connecting Chatbot to Your Accounts

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Setting Up Timers (Bot Messages)

Streamlabs Chatbot: Setting Up Timers (Bot Messages).

Songrequest Setup and Usage

Streamlabs Chatbot: Songrequest Setup and Usage

Setting Currency and Commands

Streamlabs Chatbot: Setting Currency and Commands

Ranks Explained

[Streamlabs Chatbot] Ranks Explained

Subscribers Explained

[Streamlabs Chatbot] Subscribers Explained

CLP Explained

[Streamlabs Chatbot] CLP Explained

Gamble Minigame

[Streamlabs Chatbot] Gamble Minigame

Blacklist /me

[Streamlabs Chatbot] Blacklist /me

Scripts explained

[Streamlabs Chatbot] Scripts Explained

Custom Styles

[Streamlabs Chatbot] Custom Styles

Information about the series: This post is part of the series: How to stream on Twitch how to setup the stream and do all the nitty gritty things. I hope these tips help you on the way to success! 🙂

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